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Whispering Pines Writers’ Retreat 2012

Let’s just get this straight, I’m a big fan of writers’ retreats.  You see, when you go to these events you get to dip your toes into this pool of intense creativity that you simply don’t find in other places. … Continue reading

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Whispering Pines

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality won’t destroy you.” ~Ray Bradbury Love that.  You see, it’s true.  I’m totally tipsy from my weekend at Whispering Pines.  My head is buzzing with ideas for revising my works-in-progress (Notice the … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Weekend

I’ll admit it.  I can be self-indulgent.  Case in point, my lunch last week.  Yes, all of you locals no exactly where this puppy is from- Reds! It’s my favorite.  I love the crunch of the nut, slightly salty, against … Continue reading

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The Circle of Four

I know that if you read yesterday’s post you are now mucho interested in my novel, but sadly it will just have to unfold slowly for you since the book is not yet under contract.  My evil intention is to … Continue reading

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