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Simple Objects, The Muse, and Stephen King

This morning, I peered out the window to the thick fog that encased my little house before pushing my attention toward these photos from Monhegan.  It only took a moment before I struck by the urge to lock myself in … Continue reading

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Life Imitating Art

Guess what? I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop working.  I just reread my scene where my characters are digging in this graveyard to find an ancient pendulum that will guide them in the origins of my main character’s curse. But, … Continue reading

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The Plague

I’m plagued by my ideas.  They sneak in during the middle of the night, tapping on my shoulder, snuggling in my bed.  Those ideas meld and form while I’m husking corn, driving down a dark road through a cold mist, … Continue reading

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