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Life Is Better With A Pint of Vermont’s Finest

(Photo courtesy of Julie Desmond) I can tell a thousand stories about Ben & Jerry’s.  Yes, I’ve toured the ice cream factory in Vermont. What ice cream addict hasn’t? In college, I think that I occasionally dated both Ben & … Continue reading

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Pan-fried Trout

I got a little itchy over vacation.  It happens when my travel bug gets repressed and I’m stuck at home not writing.  That’s when I start cooking!  I brought the kids to Harbor Fish in search of something interesting and different. … Continue reading

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The Quiet…

Is it mean to say that I’ve truly been enjoying the quiet that the new year has brought to my house? It’s not like I don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holidays,  I do.  But this is the … Continue reading

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The Forty Pre-Feast

As my friends join me at forty there have been many parties, trips, and celebrations.  I must say, I’m kind of thinking this is how it should be- girlfriend’s marking the shift in decades with a gusto that faintly resembles … Continue reading

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Hello all, its the one-handed-typing-wonder here.  Yes, I survived surgery.  I’ll spare you the ugly details, but mention the good.  A single pin is holding my shattered bones together and a comfy cast is forcing no movement as pain meds … Continue reading

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Winter Dinner

Scallops are in season.  Here in Portland, Maine we are lucky enough to be able to watch the scallop trawlers chug into the harbor to remind us of that fact, and it’s just a quick jaunt to the fish market … Continue reading

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December Breakfast

I haven’t written about food in a while.  I’m not sure why,  I think about it constantly. You know what I mean.  It goes like this: As you stand at the kitchen counter washing the multitude of dinner dishes and … Continue reading

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Bok Choy!

CSA (Certified Supported Agriculture) time is here.  I’m thankful to have a another summer share. For me it’s like Christmas, the box full of veggies picked from the farm down the way- http://www.broadturnfarm.com/. In my first share I got a … Continue reading

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First Day, Check!

I’ve survived my first day of summer vacation and while my humble abode is looking somewhat like a fraternity on a Saturday morning and the word count of my new book is a lowly zero, I am starting to embrace … Continue reading

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Clean Up the Fridge Burrito

Ever stare into a nearly empty fridge and wish that something fantastic would suddenly appear? This lunch burrito is made from leftover steak, the remains of a monterey jack & cheddar blend,  refried beans from taco night, and fresh cilantro … Continue reading

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