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Top Ten Tips for Social Media for Your Business

I’m teaching today.  It pulls my mind back to new and traditional forms of media (I know, so lucky that I get to muck around in these topics!).  It’s so interesting to me how the world has embraced social media … Continue reading

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Every Single Day!

There are so many things that I do every single day–like drink coffee, and search for socks that sort of match, and make dinner.  You take all of those things for granted because you just do them.  They are no … Continue reading

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Blogging Conversations

“Um…. I’m wondering if you’re okay?” “Why do you ask?” “I read the blog.” “Great!” “Seriously, it was a tad-“ “Errr, what are you saying?” “Well, it’s your post on Kafka. I dunno, it seems kind of angry.” “Kafka’s kind … Continue reading

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A Coffee Fall

  I bet after my last post that you were expecting me to actually blog this week.  Yes, that was my intention.  You see something about blogging makes you feel like you’ve actually accomplished something of substance for the day. … Continue reading

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Raccoon Trap

I’ve been blogging for about a year now.  It’s been fun.  I like the daily interaction with the blog universe and the writing practice. Though, I occasionally wonder if I will ever run out of things to say?  It’s a … Continue reading

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A Fine Day Indeed

It’s a polka dot kind of day here in sunny Florida!  We’re heading to Orlando to visit Hogwarts at Universal Studios! I’m so excited.  The sun is shining and I woke this morning to my first blogging award.  That is … Continue reading

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Thank You!

Writing is simply adding more brush strokes to a painting.  It’s about creating a structure, getting down and dirty with words, and decorating.  It’s about forcing yourself to sit in your chair and just do it-over and over. I started … Continue reading

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Building Bridges

One of the weird thing about working from home is the random isolation, especially for me who is an honest to goodness extravert.  It’s true.  Meyers-Briggs even proved it.  Yet I’ve come to realize that writing isn’t a solo sport. … Continue reading

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Feeling Large

I’m feeling large today.  Want to know why? You bet I’m going to tell you…. I’ve chosen to write every day, to play with my imagination, to hang out with my ghosts, and to post my verbal diarrhea to the … Continue reading

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Blogging, Like Clean Underwear

Not sure how blogging got as important to me as clean underwear.  I mean, you just take take clean underwear for granted.  It just is.  Every day you grab a brand new pair from the underwear drawer and you go … Continue reading

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