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You’d Like to Enroll my Bladder in What?

(Cameron Kelly Rosenblum’s avatar of me.) I have daily blog ideas floating around in my peabrain dying to get out, I’m gonna let this true story escape, mostly because I need to release it to the universe. ***** You’d Like … Continue reading

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The Way Maine Should Be…

The way Maine should be… The way it is… Ski fail.

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The Accidental Diet.

I’m thinking that the universe in possibly telling me to lose a few pounds.  Let’s get this straight, I’m not a dieter.  I believe in butter and salt and fats of all kinds.  I eat doughnuts at least once a … Continue reading

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Just Make It!

I’m always struck by how people chose to make a living.  Take my new favorite travel mug, a gift from my college roommate from her friend’s over at  The Makers Mill.  This mug is simple in design, utilitarian, and fun … Continue reading

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Happy New Year.

I went to yoga yesterday at this new funky little studio down the road.  There was a point in the practice were the instructor gave me a little dab of this delicious orange essential oil for the base of my … Continue reading

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Holiday Season at Willard Beach.

I’m always kind of amazed at how my little neighborhood embraces Christmas.  It’s not with huge lavish parties, but more with little impromptu events that will mark my children’s memories full of friends and food that people haven’t fussed over. … Continue reading

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The Christmas Tree Farm

The Christmas Tree Farm. Nothing like a trip to the farm!

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Cow Shit Corner Award: The Cold Scallop.

It’s been quite some time since I whipped out a Cow Shit Corner Award.  Thing is that not much has annoyed me in the past couple months, but nothing like the holiday season to bring out some grump.  It was … Continue reading

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The Power of Oprah! A Doughnut Story.

Isn’t it weird when somebody says something and you just keep thinking about it.  Take for instance, Oprah.  My friend lent me her O magazine, so I could read an article by Martha Beck.  The article, To-Do List, or Not-to-Do … Continue reading

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Wicked or Good?

When I was at the Farnsworth Museum this past weekend, I was kind of thrilled to find these icons in the bathroom.  The thought of having to chose between a wicked or a good stall appealed to my sense of … Continue reading

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