About Julie True Kingsley

Hi all! This blog will focus on my random musings.  Maine is full of characters and they all seem to find me.  As a writer, I can’t resist finding out a person’s story.  Everyone has one you know.

I live on the coast of Maine with my crew, including one lazy chocolate lab & a rescue dog from Arkansas.  I’m obsessed by books, food, travel, eating local, and the outdoors.  Life is fun.

17 Responses to About Julie True Kingsley

  1. Deanna McCauley Caron says:

    Very cool blog Jules!!!!! Happy Memorial Day!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Julie,

    I like your blog a lot! My only criticism – if you want to call it that – is that it is not “musings on nothing” but rather musings on everything, big and small, and that’s the joy of it.

  3. kathy says:

    I have never been a lover of orange – except in the fall and then there does not seem enough of it!! Love the pumpkins and mums, changing leaves…my favorite time of year.

    I think I may have a candidate for your Cow Shit Corner group… but then, I suppose we all do! Guess the good news is that almost everyone we know does NOT fit that catagory!!

    Have a happy day… beautiful weather yet again. Aaah Maine!!

  4. Jackie Farrow Mitchell says:

    Hey Julie,

    Brandon and I were reminiscing about life in Dover last weekend so I decided to look you up. I hope you and Eric are happy and well, the kids look happy, silly and gorgeous. Good luck with the writing, your blog is great.

    Take Care,


  5. Joe Souza says:

    Just found the blog and am enjoying it. Plan on making that corn corn chowder with the bacon and the onions and the sharp cheddar! Cheers!

  6. Julie, I wanted to respond to a comment you left on my blog about the Compact Cabins but I do not have your email address; and sadly blogger does not have a reply function for comments.

  7. Lisa says:

    HI…I have been introduced to your website by your father in law Mr Wilfred Kingsley. I work at the country club where he resides in Ft Myers, Florida. He is a very delightful man and I have heard so many beautiful and touching stories from him. He is very inspiring to the mind and I enjoy conversating with him. I read inspriational quotes daily and I really like what you have written on your page today. I will definately have to read more of your daily blogs. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

  8. Laura Bonk says:


    I drove past Cow Shit Corner yesterday and it was in full spring working mode. It is truly a working farm right near the mid Maine coast. It was almost an endangered species sighting. And speaking of endangered species, I saw 4 eagles in 2 days in Maine. They seem to be as common as spring robins these days.

    All the best, Laura

  9. Molly says:

    Hey Julie, I found you via a few other blogroll links, and I’m so happy to have landed here. I *love* your review of writer’s conferences. I’ve always wanted to visit Maine (I’m a Seattle girl), so your pictures and stories are great fun for me to check out. Look forward to what you post next. :)

    • Molly,

      Thanks for dropping by the blog. Yes, the conference is currently in high gear here in Massachusetts, great fun really. I’m in the process of trying to finish my novel (for about the tenth time), so it’s nice to be around so many amazing writers. Off to see Jane Yolan this morning. Yay!

      All the best,


  10. Zack says:

    We met at Sebago, camp neighbors, big sweaty guy with delusions of writing. I misplaced your card and would love to get your email again so I can send you my long short story

  11. Moragn says:

    Hi, my name is Morgan. A student of yours Chad Plourde introduced me to your work, you do a great job by the way. I am 13 years old and I love to draw and write. Chad said that I should start a blog. Would you mind telling me how to get started? I am pretty interseted in the whole thing just need a few pointers on the whole blogging thing. Thank you.

  12. John backman says:

    John, when you have a chance….send me your request that you previously texted about your buddy collecting sneakers for an orphanage (with a little more detail) this time, in e-mail format.  If I have that I can bump it around to the appropriate people and see what we can do?  Are they kids of all ages?  Make sure you have your info or auto signature on the bottom of the e-mail (helps show legitimacy)  especially with your VP title.  Thanks bro, have a great weekend.


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