The Power of Oprah! A Doughnut Story.

Image 17Isn’t it weird when somebody says something and you just keep thinking about it.  Take for instance, Oprah.  My friend lent me her O magazine, so I could read an article by Martha Beck.  The article, To-Do List, or Not-to-Do List, talked about really streamlining the things in your life that are wearing you down so that you can enjoy the things that bring you true fulfillment.  Easy enough, right?

Well, as I was driving to Target, for the tenth time this month, I was thinking of how I’d rather be writing, or working on my start-up, or spending time with the kids when I realized that I hadn’t eaten.  This happens.  I make my to-do list.  I then work through the list and am so busy crossing things off my list that I don’t eat because I never put lunch on the list (I know, this is a sign of a crazy person!  I can’t help it!).

So I’m driving down the road and I’m starving.  I’m thinking about Oprah and Martha Beck.  On impulse, I pull into this great new little bakery that everyone’s been raving about.  I go in and I’m wowed.  Yummy looking doughnuts lined the shelves.  Filled doughnuts, doughnuts with chili, doughnuts with bacon!   Coconut doughnuts! Image 18

Then there was all of this little homemade hot pockets full of the most beautiful ingredients like goat cheese, veggies, and flavored meats.  There was Guinness beef stew pockets and Thanksgiving turkey pockets.  I felt like I’d hit the jacket.  I ordered a veggie with artichokes and spinach and goodness.  While I enjoyed it, I was still thinking of that list and priorities and the way things should be.

Then I read this article from the Bangor Daily News: Chicago Baker behind Oprah’s favorite cookie takes business to South Portland.  What?  How does Oprah do that? How does she get into your brain and push you around town to eat the most delicious lunch while thinking about her delicious articles?

So I leave you with two thoughts:

1.) Eat at Little Bigs.

2.) Listen to Oprah!


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One Response to The Power of Oprah! A Doughnut Story.

  1. Mary Jane Rowan says:

    Serendipity. Synchronicity. Grace. Whatever you call it, Hallelujah. Tis the season.

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