A Trip to Napa, a Soldier, and a Rubber Chicken

You know some days I kind of feel like I live in an alternative universe where everyone gets it, and I simply don’t.   Take yesterday for example, I was feeling kind of proud of myself for scheduling a “free” oil change with the SMCC automotive students.  I’m not only overdue for a change, but it’ll give the students a car to practice with.


Yet, I should have known as soon as I walked into the Napa Auto Parts Center that I was over my head.

It went like this:

“I’m here to pick up parts for my oil change.”

“Naturally, you want the synthetic, hybrid, specialty oil.”

“Of course, I want my car to last forever.”

“Smart girl,” the guy mutters as he walks off.

I must say at this point I was feeling pretty smart–until I noticed these posters for air filtration systems hanging front and center of the show room.  They said that you should change your filter every year or every 12,000 miles.  I’ve gone 100,000 miles and eight years without a change.  My nose suddenly felt a tad stuffier than it had only moments before, I gave a quick blow as the clerk came back.

“Okay, you are up to forty dollars.  Can I get you anything else?”

“Forty dollars.  It only cost thirty for the whole thing at the Jiffy Lube.”

“Tell me you don’t go there…”

“Um… I don’t go there.”

“Okay lady, you need to have a little more respect for your vehicle.”

“So you’re saying that I probably need the air filtration thingy too.”

He just looked at me, “You’ve never changed it, have you?”  He gave a little giggle.  “Maybe you’d like to bring it in after you yank it out and we’ll hang it up as an example.”

“Are you saying that I’m going to do this?”

“It’s easy.”

“Listen, I can fake all kinds of things.  Would you care for me to read your palms? Write a press release? Edit your proposal for King Adullah? But, I don’t have a clue where the air filtration filter goes.”

“You could always search it on You Tube.”

“The story of life, dude.  You don’t even know…”

If you are reading this, I’d love to know if you indeed understand the mysteries of the automotive world, or is it just me soldiering through life being led by my rubber chickens?


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Crazed writer living on the coast of Maine! Attempting to blog daily in fifteen minutes or less.
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3 Responses to A Trip to Napa, a Soldier, and a Rubber Chicken

  1. lulu says:

    I got my oil changed yesterday for the first time in 3 years and didn’t ask any questions. Just paid the $49.95 and left hoping I’d be good for another few years.

  2. pj says:

    once you go synthetic…more expensive, you can never go back to regular oil. my dad is in charge of my car education he tells me whatever I need to know… had me at sp library drawing schematics of exhaust, electrical, combustion engine b-4 he let me drive our station wagon… next time ask for Troy at Napa. Troy secretly runs car fix it business, comes to your house for half garage hourly prices. Saved me a dozen times for real. Mention my name, he’ll slip you a card over the counter. He’d come to your driveway, change the oil, for less than Jiffy lube.

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