Weekly Waffles!

I’ve found that if you simply approach the school week as if you are heading to a deserted island– and no matter what happens you cannot go back to the grocery store– that I have a tad more piece of mind.  I’m not kidding! It’s the constant “running to the store” that not only makes me spend a good 25% percent more a week on groceries, but also takes up so much valuable time that could be used for other things.

One of my solutions is cooking in bulk and freezing things that the kiddos can eat for snacks.

Since we are primarily gluten free (or low gluten) this makes it a tad more difficult.  I’ve had so many baking catastrophes with seemingly alive batter seeping out of the waffle maker and onto the counter like a blob from the Creature Double Feature that I could weep.  That’s why I was so glad to find this perfect combo of ingredients for waffles.

Here’s my recipe adapted from The King Arthur Flour 20th Anniversary Cookbook:

Low Gluten Waffles 

1 cup. organic corn meal, 3 cups white spelt, 4 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 4 eggs, and 1 quart buttermilk (I use Kate’s), and 1 stick melted butter.

Mix dry ingredients.  Beat together wet ingredients.  Blend together (but not too much or it’ll get tough).

By not using regular flour I find that I need to grease the waffle iron very well (I use the spray kind).  Then just cook one after the other.  I sometimes make special toppings.  Other times I don’t.

I share with neighbors.  I then take the rest of the dough and lay it flat on a cookie sheet and freeze it.  Then I simply put it into a plastic bag in the fridge for a quick snack.  We just slightly thaw, then break in half and toast.

Then if I’m lucky the neighbors send me something delicious.  Like this:

Some quick notes about this recipe.  I have another recipe where you whip the egg whites.  Those waffles are higher, but don’t fit as well into my toaster.

We usually top our with real maple syrup from our friend Charlie’s Sugar House.  Or you can place some ice cream in the middle and make an ice cream sandwich.  Whatever you do they are easy and delicious.

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3 Responses to Weekly Waffles!

  1. kme141 says:

    I do the same thing, but it”s just for myself. I cook big meals on the weekends and pack the leftovers into “lunch packets” and freeze them for the week. It really does save a lot of time and money.

    Also, you’re inspiring me to get another waffle maker. Mine was stolen from me years ago in college… who steals a waffle maker? Honestly…

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