Fort Knox for Halloween

There are just so many historical sites that take themselves too seriously.  That’s why when I noticed the Fright Night at Fort Knox I knew that I had to highlight it on my blog.

Even though I grew up in Maine, I’d never been to Fort Knox until this summer.  I was instantly impressed by the true creepiness of it.  I mean–it’s beautiful–don’t me wrong, but this place has some weight to it that gets the old imagination going.

Fort Knox Quick Facts:  25 years to build, cost of over a million dollars, made out of granite (Check out more: here!)

If you look closer you might start feeling the cold seep through the computer into your bones.

Just looking at this makes my fingers ache to write something creepy and zombie-ish. 

If you want to dig further into the ghost hunts of Fort Knox click here.

Or watch the ghost hunt here.

“If fear cannot be articulated, it can’t be conquered.”

~Stephen King

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