Yes, That Place (Do You Know It?)

I’m at “that place”.

Do you know it?

It’s the tipping point of summer

when you suddenly wish school was in session.

That feeling didn’t hit last week

when we spent a full six hours cleaning a bedroom.

It should have hit then.

It was dark moment.

I think there even might have been tears when we attacked that room!

But, we survived.

I thought I’d make it the whole summer, but I was wrong.

I arrived at “that place” this morning

 when I grabbed


Yup.  That’s my pencil with chunk of old gum.

I found it in the pencil holder on my writing desk.

If you squint it looks like a fetal kangaroo that escaped the hatch.

It looks like a mummified cat!

It looks like something a cat got at

in the yard out back.

It’s wrong that hunk of gum on my pencil.

I find it disturbing.

Which one of my family members thinks that it’s a good idea

to shove gum on an unsuspecting pencil?

It’s the simple things that will throw you right over the edge!

Just saying’.

Yes, that place.

Do you know it?

About julietruekingsley

Crazed writer living on the coast of Maine! Attempting to blog daily in fifteen minutes or less.
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6 Responses to Yes, That Place (Do You Know It?)

  1. marydpierce says:

    I thought at first it was some kind of slimy mutant caterpillar!

  2. this gum on pencil routine is a common occurance in my house and we have tracked the culprit to be my youngest who still won’t own up even though we caught him red handed. He very cleverly avoided actually admitting the deed by stating that perhaps someone thought by putting the gum there it would help my ideas stick for my poems!!!!! classic!!

  3. Lenore Diane says:

    I was in that place prior to our trip. Thankfully, when we returned it was a matter of days. May the days pass quickly, and may no more pencils be harmed while you wait.

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