Writing Retreat 2012

I can’t believe that the retreat has come and gone.  Much like a wedding, it seems to go by in blissful blur of wonderful.  How could it not?  We have a beautiful setting, ultra talented participants, blueberries, and more.

Like a bowl of fresh blueberries, a writing retreat pulls into a place of simplicity where there is nothing to do but write.  Okay, that’s a total lie! I was putting this puppy on.  I was on a food mission for participants.  And yes, we ate very well.

We had fresh peaches.

And bag lunches from Rosemont Market.

(Just a quick plug:  Rosemont Market helped make this retreat not only tasty, but super easy for us.  Everything they did was with local ingredients and culinary expertise.  I’d highly recommend them for your next Maine event!)

And cheese platters!

Some of us ate lobsters.  This is Bethany Strout from Little, Brown.   Her insight into the publishing world was most valuable and insightful.  She inspired.  Though, she didn’t actually want the lobster.

That’s okay, it’s not for everyone.  Which was a big theme of our conversations.  Lynda Mullaly-Hunt  and Bethany talked to us about staying true to our work and that’s its all about finding the right person for your writing.  I loved that.

It was a little clammy at this Blueberry Fields Writing Retreat! But it doesn’t matter.  We had the pool and some wine to cool us down!

And you know, you can always just serve cold soup!

But, there is nothing cold or clammy (must stop the clam puns now!) about this group of ladies.  I’m humbled to simply be in the presence of their talent and appreciate their ongoing support as I continue my road to publication.

I’ve never been on an adventure that feels so long, but you know what they say, it’s really the journey.  I’m willing to bet it’s the people that you meet on the journey.  Thanks to everyone for such a great weekend!

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Crazed writer living on the coast of Maine! Attempting to blog daily in fifteen minutes or less.
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13 Responses to Writing Retreat 2012

  1. Hey, Julie! SUCH a fantastic weekend! Thanks to you, Cameron, Meg, and Susan for pulling it all together. I am so grateful to have been a part of it all! xoxo

  2. Great post, Julie! You captured the weekend perfectly. Ditto what Lynda said! :-)

  3. Kim Savage says:

    Honored to have been a part of Year Deux! And shocked to have been caught double-fisted. How unusual…

  4. anniecardi says:

    Such an amazing weekend. We’re all going back this weekend, right? ;) Love your photos!

  5. I am still riding the blueberry wave… it was fabulous- thanks for the recap!

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  7. lulu says:

    This sounds terrific, a weekend to share. I just made my first visit to Rosemont Market and loved it. Ate across the street at the Blue Spoon which was outstanding.

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