Simple Objects, The Muse, and Stephen King

This morning, I peered out the window to the thick fog that encased my little house before pushing my attention toward these photos from Monhegan.  It only took a moment before I struck by the urge to lock myself in my bedroom and write.

You try it.  Now take a minute. Study them.  Where does your head go?

I’ve heard that stories can chase you.  For me, that’s true.   They not only chase me, but also slap at the back of my head, and nip at my ankles like little guppies in a pond.  How can you look at these pictures and not imagine the muse rising up to tie you up with those fishing lines?

All of this suddenly made me wonder what Stephen King would say about the muse.  Check it out:

“There is a muse, but he’s not going to come fluttering down into your writing room and scatter creative fairy-dust all over your typewriter or computer. He lives in the ground. He’s a basement kind of guy. You have to descend to his level, and once you get down there you have to furnish an apartment for him to live in. You have to do all the grunt labor, in other words, while the muse sits and smokes cigars and admires his bowling trophies and pretends to ignore you. Do you think it’s fair? I think it’s fair. He may not be much to look at, that muse-guy, and he may not be much of a conversationalist, but he’s got inspiration. It’s right that you should do all the work and burn all the mid-night oil, because the guy with the cigar and the little wings has got a bag of magic. There’s stuff in there that can change your life. Believe me, I know.”

~Stephen King

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Crazed writer living on the coast of Maine! Attempting to blog daily in fifteen minutes or less.
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10 Responses to Simple Objects, The Muse, and Stephen King

  1. Nice Julie! I’m SO happy for you that you found inspiration to write! Yeah!
    I LOVE these pics-could stare at them all day. So mystical, magical, something is there-you
    just have to pay attention..keep me posted.;)

  2. Hey-have you checked out the Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) speech she gave at TED??
    Check it out baby! We’re all on the same page.

  3. Mary Jane Rowan says:

    I’m out here looking at these same images/things and more. You took some nice pictures of a magical island. No wonder so many come here to paint, to read, to, yes, write, and to just float in a boat – my next thing to do before Hannah Jayne gets here. (4 year old granddaughter. Fun!)

  4. Mary Jane Rowan says:

    And oh yes to Elizabeth Gilbert. I was impressed at how real she is – no airs. Lots of laughter and love.

  5. lulu says:

    I have lots of photos of these same kind of items, but Stephen King never came to mind. I think of them in terms of color and texture, but, hey, I’m a weaver of threads rather than words!

  6. Lulu, I think it may have been the fog outside my window that brought me a sense of darkness today. That’s what a love about photography, it always inspires something.

  7. gr4c5 says:

    Here’s what I think of when I see your images – home. I grew up there. You pictures are fabulous!

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