The Donut Word Count Equation

Writers are always going on and on about the whole “butt in chair” thing.   For those of you who are not familiar with this phenomenon, it’s the theory that if you put your butt in a chair you will eventually create a masterpiece.  This summer, I’ve noticed a new phenomenon.  I call it the–donut word count equation.

I haven’t been tracking this scientifically because the variables are so great.  For instance, do you track danishes? Or what about muffins and scones? It all gets blurry.  So, I’m just going to focus on donuts.


Not writing causes increased donut consumption!

It seems that when I don’t write that I have a real health situation here.  I’ve tracked my weekly word count vs. donut consumption.  Hold on to your chair, the findings are shocking:

Weekly work count                    Weekly Donuts

15,000                                                0

6,000                                                  1

3,000                                                  2

250                                                      4


I have two choices:

1.) Ramp up my word count

2.) Embrace my gluttony.

On that note you really should try the Holy Donut.  They’re delicious!

Oh look! My husband made me a line of consumption:



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8 Responses to The Donut Word Count Equation

  1. Anna J. Boll says:

    So funny, but I think you’ve stumbled (rolled) into something here. If you are up Brunswick way and haven’t written in a while you must try Frosty’s Donuts!

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  3. eric says:

    Interesting data, but you didn’t actually give the equation. It’s not much of a data set (very small sample size, you’ll need to keep track for longer).

    However, the data you did provide does yield an actual equation, and a strong one at that.

    words = 47408e-1.02(donuts)
    This equation has an R-squared of .986, which is an incredibly strong relationship.

    I can send yo a spreadsheet where you can plug in how many words you want to write in a week and it will give you a “donut allowance”, if you want.

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