Paul Revere! Boston! And other Fourth of July Thoughts!

On this Fourth of July, let’s celebrate some of the history bad asses that put us on the map (Always wanted to say that when I was teaching).  I just had the pleasure of spending the day in Boston for a project.  I got to muck around by myself on the Freedom Trail and wait for a story to come.  One of the strongest stories was that of Paul Revere’s family.  Can you imagine living in a hotbed of upheaval, where people all around you were spies, and your neighbors were either for you or against you?

It’s history in a microcosm.  Just go to Boston, stand in the middle of the North End, and think about what that little place on the Earth did for the entire world.

Look at all of these players in the Revolution living a block from each other.  I’m sure that Paul Revere’s children watched as the angry mob of Patriots came and burned down Mayor Hutchinson’s house, forcing his family to flee the area.  I’m sure they watched their  father leave to go on his famous ride, the very ride that alarmed his countrymen that the Brits were about to march.

Imagine, having your father run out the door (to possible death) and then hearing the shots of the start of the Revolutionary War come across the Charles River.  Boston is frozen, no food in, and no food out.  Loyalists are fleeing to the city, Patriots were moving out.  They lived in chaos for the earliest notions of our country.

Then, pull that back to the other wars that our Patriots have fought over the years.  Think about the freedoms we have in this country.  Even with the bad, we’ve got a lot of good.

So today,  celebrate our soldiers who sacrifice so much for us.  Maybe have some cupcakes for breakfast (We did), and be sure to have an afternoon toast (We’ll probably do that too!).

Happy Fourth of July !

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6 Responses to Paul Revere! Boston! And other Fourth of July Thoughts!

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    • Just writing, not riding!

      When are you heading North? You should do the Freedom Trail with the kids.

      • Lenore Diane says:

        Freedom Trail is definitely on our list of places to show the boys. For certain. Alas, it won’t be this trip North. We’re leaving the 26th of July – and driving hard and fast. We’ll go from Atlanta to Harrisburg, PA – then to Bangor, ME – then to the shore. We’re taking the airline to the border. Have you ridden on the airline? It’s a fun road. Though it used to be a super fun road. They’ve taken out many of the hills and curves.

  2. Revere actually told his kids the tale of his midnight ride as a bedtime story. How bad ass is that!

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