Just Blow it Up!


What to do in summah!

It’s such a great time of year to just explore topics that you haven’t touched upon with your kids.  Like, for instance, chemical reactions.  Yeah, that’s it.  Like blowing stuff up!

To get a free hour, I told my kids to go create a volcano village at the beach, with the promise of bringing down the lava maker (vinegar and baking soda).

It turns out that when you tell the kids to build something that they’ll destroy with lava, it gets to be a very complicated construction project.  They built factories, bridges, a village, and a moat.

We made a huge mistake by not giving the kids little plastic cups to stick into the volcanoes (Yes, that’s plural. They made five!). The explosions were duds, since we didn’t take into consideration scientific variables (like sand!).   Though, the activity was still a hit because the sky exploded into a huge thunder storm, causing much excitement, and a huge water fight after the lightening had passed.  Thank goodness for mother nature.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about the darn explosion, its lackluster showing just wasn’t good enough.  Really, what’s a person to do?   Oh, I’ve got it.  Take the kids to see Eepy Birds.  I’m not kidding when I say that this was worth the trip.  Eepy Birds is made up of two guys from Buckfield, Maine named Franz Globe and Stephen Voltz.  They are amazing quirky characters that speak across the country about their cool science explosions.

It took the Eepy Birds three hours to set up this Diet Coke and Mentos experiment and it ended in three minutes of fun on Monument Square.  They started with a little science lesson and ended with the soda explosion:

I stole this photo off  of Flicker after I simply couldn’t get a photo because of all of the kids rushing the stage.  It was a giant mosh pit of screaming children and soda flying through the air.  I heard the my son stood with his mouth wide open, letting the warm flat minty concoction fly into his mouth, as if he was an overzealous seagull.  What a riot! Kids were buzzed from the sheer idea of dancing under a soda shower.

This brings me back to how I started this week with  just a little lesson on explosives.  I’m wonder what my theme for next week will be.  Right now, I’ve got no idea.

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