Write, Compose, Pen, Indite

Oh, the world of a writer.  You must first come up with an idea, then you write the idea, then you decide that the idea bites (because it mostly likely does at this stage).  So you destroy it. You rewrite it.  This is still the stage where somebody says, “You know, I’m not sure you should use the word shiver so much.”


Conundrum:  When you spend all day obsessing about words you can get stuck and not move story.  If you just write story you probably have done poorly on word choice.

That is why writing is such a long process.  You’ve got to put on your Stetson, fedora, bowler, headgear, and then you need to stick that chepeau for good measure.  After all of that you might have something that’s just okay, or quite possibly something that is astonishing in its wonder.

After you’ve done all this.  You chop it again.  Then you morn the chasm of that wonderfully crafted section where the words were polished and distinct.  THAT’S THE TRICK! Does this beautifully crafted piece of writing with perfect syntax, imagery, and prose really do anything for the story? No.  This is equivalent to a house builder lobbing off the addition because it really does’t fit the house, even though he’d spent hours hanging intricate moldings and not leaving an errant speck of paint behind.

Once you’ve done all of this you probably will get rejected.  Which makes you jab and gouge it again until it’s something that you don’t even recognize.  You say to yourself,  “Well, this chick is one sick puppy!”  Then you realize the sick puppy is you.

A writer is learning how to say  nothing, more cleverly each day.

~William Allingham

About julietruekingsley

Crazed writer living on the coast of Maine! Attempting to blog daily in fifteen minutes or less.
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7 Responses to Write, Compose, Pen, Indite

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  2. khsavage says:

    Love (adore/think the world of/be devoted to/dote on/idolize/worship)

  3. Lenore Diane says:

    Might as well laugh as cry, eh? Or laugh and cry – and then write about laughing and crying, while still saying nothing more cleverly than the day before. *sigh*

  4. I’ve already cried! I’ll take laughter at this point.

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