A Dog Story


When we brought Lulu home from the Almost Home Rescue two years ago, I knew that she’d be a great dog.  Yes, she did have some issues.  The first moment in the house she dove into the pantry and hid behind the bread maker.  She didn’t eat or drink for days.  She pooped in the pocket of the first person who tried to pick her up!

That’s one scared ‘lil pup.

But she slowly came out of her shell, trusting a bit more as the days past.  She turned into a really great dog.  Except for one thing.  My little guy wanted her to sleep with him, and she wouldn’t.  We tried everything.  We stuck treats at the end of the bed.  We led her to the treats.  Nothing.

Now, you might have noticed from my dogged pursuit of publication, that I’m not quitter. I made this one of  my personal missions.  Dog in kid’s bed.  Ulterior motive: kid wakes up in the middle of the night, he can just hang with the dog.  Easy peasy.

Turns out that it’s not so easy.  I had to drag Lulu out of hiding every night.  I pushed her up the stairs.  She’d hide under boy’s bed and escaped ASAP.  This made me crazy.  I found myself sitting at the base of the stairs for an hour every night.  We’d face off.  I’d click my fingers at her and point toward boy’s bed.  Go!

This went on for weeks and at times I wondered if I finally met my match.  Until one day we couldn’t find Lulu at bedtime.  We looked everywhere, except the boy’s bed.  There she was waiting for him, and she has every night since, almost like she can actually tell time.

That’s a good dog!

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6 Responses to A Dog Story

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  2. gretchen curtis says:

    Hey Julie – love this blog! We had the same thing happen with our dog Ozzie – we wanted him to sleep with Liam for the EXACT same reasons… But it took LOTS of work: we would have to drag him upstairs, push him in Liam’s room, somehow get him on the bed (treats, pulling, lifting, etc…); he would jump back down, try to escape… We had to put a gate across the door…
    However, now, after about 6 months of this, he willingly jumps up and snuggles right in next to Liam :-)
    Good dog. Happy boy.


  3. Lenore Diane says:

    And the boy and his dog lived happily ever after. Great, great story, Julie. I love Lulu.

  4. kathy says:

    YES! How great is that?! I think they could be soul mates. – except for the popping in the pocket thing!

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