Blogging, My Top Ten Tips!

I’ve had a disastrous week of blogging.  I made my first post on Sunday night. I’ve never done that before and I found that it just fell into the Internet abyss.  Then my wireless didn’t work, plus one sick kid.  Yup, that’s a week that just slipped through my fingers.  But, it brings me back to thinking about the basics of blogging.  Why you do it  and what you get from it?

First, why blog?  I work from home and honestly it can be kind of lonely.  A blog is the perfect place to create workplace chatter.  It’s the water cooler for me, you know a place where I can chat it up when I should be doing real work.  Secondly, it’s a great primer to start a day.  You know, it gets the creative juices flowing.

If you are trying to sell anything its a great way to start a platform without much effort.  It’s like a lucky horseshoe!  People get book deals from blogs.  Love that.

Want to get started?

Top Ten Tips For Blogging:

10.) Don’t plan what you’re going to write daily, go with the muse.

9.) Take pictures that inspire you, use them as writing prompts

8.) Blog at least five times a week (Totally blown that lately!), but it is important to get traffic.

7.) Tag effectively! Have themes and ideas that you use over and over.  It’ll help you with  search engines (I have a monopoly on Cow Shit from my Cow Shit Corner Award. How weird is that?)

6.) To keep myself interested, I try to be diverse in what I write about.  Other people don’t do this and seem to do fine, which always amazes me. I’d be scared I’d run out of ideas.  So don’t put yourself in a box.

5.) Have fun! People know when you are enjoying what you are doing.

4.)  Use multiple portals to post your blog (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

3.) Reply to comments.  It creates on-line relationships that can move into real friendships and its fun.

2.)  Every once in a while I jump on a topic I know people will be searching.  This is an easy way to gain traffic and build on-line community.

1.) This is my number one tip, try to do it in fifteen minutes or less! Do not let it consume you.  Unless, of course,  somebody is paying you to write it. Blogging shouldn’t get in the way of other work, it should enhance it.

About julietruekingsley

Crazed writer living on the coast of Maine! Attempting to blog daily in fifteen minutes or less.
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19 Responses to Blogging, My Top Ten Tips!

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  2. Pingback: Julie True Kingsley: Blogging, My Top Ten Tips! « NESCBWI Kidlit Reblogger

  3. These are great tips. I, too, recently started my own blog and really didn’t know what I was doing, but I went with my gut and had fun with it. Tags are a real key to getting visibility for your blog, also in case someone can’t commit to writing 5 times per week – I only blog weekly – it’s most important to remain consistent in the timing of your writing so your readers can look forward to when your next post will hit.

  4. pfdavis says:

    Great suggestions! Can you elaborate a bit on number 4? I don’t think Facebook allows you to automatically import blog posts to a Facebook page, and most blogs posts are too long for Twitter, unless you tweet just a teaser and a link.


  5. pfdavis says:

    Great suggestions. Can you elaborate on number 4? I don’t think Facebook lets you automatically import blog posts to a page anymore, and Twitter has that annoying 140 character limit (unless you tweet just a teaser and a link.)

    • Yes, I just tweet a teaser and a link. You can always grab the short link button on WordPress or there are sites that convert for Twitter but it seems to be more built in nowadays. Then my blog often gets reposted by other sites. It’s really interesting. Maybe I’ll write about how that works next week.

      As for Facebook, I always copy and paste. Though,I think there is a new link that does it automatically. I can of like the power to post when I feel like it though.

  6. Anna J. Boll says:

    Here I am breaking rules: I only blog three times a week and it always takes me more than 15 minutes. You’re right though, it is tough to build audience that way. The round ups are helping me a lot though.

  7. I break my rule sometimes too. But, I think its important when you get started especially to be consistent. The thing is you don’t want it taking over your writing time. That’s bad.

  8. I like your tips but disagree with a few of them…I blog three times a week (consistently) and (all due respect) find that many blogs (too many) blather on and on and personal stuff of zero interest to anyone but immediate friends and family. Who is that interesting that they have something truly compelling five days a week?!

    I also spend a lot of time on my posts (editing, revising) not because I am obsessive but write for a living and don’t want stuff I find lousy out there permanently.

    My tip (sorry, unsolicited) is to spend an hour every day reading other blogs until you find several to comment on. I do this and have gained new readers daily in this way, far more so than Facebooking (which I do occasionally.) Maybe because I already have other audiences, I don’t think my Facebook pals need to be reminded every single time I blog. I’d rather selectively ask for their attention.

    • I actually try to keep things really short for that reason. The most I write is three paragraphs and I rely heavily on photography. For me, it’s all about trying to stay fresh. I love when I have nothing to write about and then turns into a really interesting conversation. It’s about stretching that writer’s “voice” muscle. It’s not about the mundane.

      It’s also been a really interesting experiment in social media. It’s been great to see which post gets picked up by other bloggers over and over again. I try to dabble in food and travel writing (since I do that freelance), so for sure those posts might get a tad more attention.

      Love that tip about visiting other blogs. So many interesting sites out there.

  9. Kelly Wood says:

    Great tips Julie!! Almost makes me want to start blogging…

  10. Pete says:

    blogging ?….never heard of it

  11. Terry Farish says:

    Hi Julie,
    One of your greatest tips it what you show. That wonderful startling photo of your header!
    Thank you. I, like many of your readers, spend a long time conceiving and editing. Thanks for your approach.

  12. Pfdavis: You should be able to set it so it automatically shows a link on your fb wall when you post. You can also share the post at the end of it. I’m on WordPress mobile, though. Not sure what the whole site looks like exactly.
    Julie, I have only posted photos so far. I would like to showcase my writing skills, but unsure where to start. I was initally thinking a strictly photo blog would be fun because it interests me. But, now I’m a little worried that it won’t interest others!

    • Jennifer,

      I think it’s about showing your interest. People who make it about trying to please the public end out burning out. I make it low pressure, just don’t want it to consume me.

      On the linking, I still do it manually. I don’t like everything I post to go up at the same time. Really, I like the power.


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