I Think There’s Been a Mistake…

Dear Mega Millions,

I’m writing to you in regard to the 640 million dollar jackpot that was drawn on March 30th.  The problem is that I keep looking at my multiple tickets and I can only count a mere two dollars in winnings.  That simply can’t be correct!

The thing is that I already bought my Mrs. Claus suit to go hand out loads of cash for the next holiday season, (I’ve always loved these stories and I’m planning to totally copy).  Though, my bills will have a Pay It Forward website stamped next to Franklin’s head.  Here folks could log on to post their stories of spending fun or how they choose to “pay it forward” in their own life.  The general population could peruse the stories all year round and be inspired for good.

My Literacy Foundation is also good to go!  My concept: create a really amazing book world for boys.  I know that it’s kind of sexist, but sometimes it seems to me that the book world caters to girls. With my millions, I could cover this.  It would be multi-mixed media, so once reading each book the readers can play the game, or live in the virtual book world for fun.  I’ve also commissioned plans for the main library to have an inside skate park and make your own graphic novel shop and movie theater.  But, don’t get me wrong, those will be my ploys to get the boys there.  Then, my staff will follow them around hooking them with books.  I’m sure it’ll be a big hit.

Oh, I’m not selfless.  I’d no doubt purchase that writing shack that I’ve been dreaming of.

In closing, thank you for checking in on this matter,


Julie True Kingsley

About julietruekingsley

Crazed writer living on the coast of Maine! Attempting to blog daily in fifteen minutes or less.
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4 Responses to I Think There’s Been a Mistake…

  1. Pete says:

    Those are much better than my idea… which consisted of bacon, a brewery, and a comfortable couch.

  2. Lenore Diane says:

    I demand a recount!! I wish you had won.

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