Pan-fried Trout

I got a little itchy over vacation.  It happens when my travel bug gets repressed and I’m stuck at home not writing.  That’s when I start cooking!  I brought the kids to Harbor Fish in search of something interesting and different.  I was pushing for oysters (though, I didn’t actually think they’d like them), and left with Idaho Trout.

Now, I know that I usually try to eat local, but my husband is a fly fishing fan and loves pan-fried trout so I bought it.  This is the first time my kids needed to deal with fish eyeballs.  The guy at the store told the kids to “eat those eyeballs.”  But, instead we simply sang the Fish Heads song.

Turns out that cooking pan-fried trout isn’t difficult.  Dredge in an egg and then dip in cornmeal that’s got plenty of spice (we used a Cajun mix).

For fun go back to the Fish Heads song!

Pan fry until crispy and then place in the oven on low to keep warm.

Check out my boring sides! Simply Spanish rice and sliced cukes.  Did the kids eat this fish?  Yes, they did.  They are are interested in heading to Idaho and trying to catch their own rainbow trout.  Love that.

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7 Responses to Pan-fried Trout

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  2. Karen says:

    Pan fried trout is one of my favorites…sometimes with butter sautéed almonds. Your trout must have been delicious.

  3. That sounds good too. Do you bread it or just let it get crisp in the pan?

  4. kathy says:

    This looks SO SO delicious. Had london broil with Szegdas tonight and will have salmon tomorrow night. Maybe should try doing here with tilapia. Not sure if cajun spices would overwhelm – maybe not.

  5. Anna J. Boll says:

    Looks awesome! I’m surprised that you know how to clean a fish. What a great skill!

  6. kathy says:

    Kate LOVES the Fish Head song – where did you get that? Send me an email to let me know.
    Kate says it is one of those “melodies” that does not leave you!!
    Sunny and HOT here today – going to The Fish House for dinner tonight… how appropriate!!

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