Peabody Essex Museum

We promised the kids a trip to Boston over this February break, then lost motivation to actually head into the city.  So being the “parents of the year,”  we bribed them with the notions of museums in Salem, Massachusetts with an extra three dollars for the gift shop.   They dig museums. They dig gift shops.  Actually, they live for them.   We packed some coffee, plenty of snacks, a few  audio books, and a load of tissues (will this cold ever end?), and headed down Interstate 95 in search of adventure.

We drove into Salem effortlessly,  parked on a side street for just $2.00 in easy walking distance to the Visitor’s Center, and strolled down a street that reminded the kids of Diagon Alley (complete with Harry Potter store!).   Then we chose from a list of ten different museums- The PEM!

The Peabody Essex Museum is the oldest continuing running art museum in the United States.  It is simply wonderful.  First you walk into the open and airy atrium which gives great expectation of all this museum has to offer (see above).

This is the type of place where you can actually hear the neurons of your children’s brains crackling with connections like Coke infused pop rocks.  We toured The Shapeshifters- a Transformation of Early Native American Art exhibit which was modern feeling with an old world edge, marveled at the photography of Jerry Uelsmann which made my own neurons crackle and pop!

Our favorite part of the experience was touring the Yin Yu Tang House.  This is a two year hundred year old house where you follow the experience of the Yin Yu family by exploring different rooms of this beautiful, yet stark home.   We marveled at the small rooms where entire families slept and the cultural life of people from the other side of the world.

It’s amazing to me how art inspires life.  We came home and one kid started drawing like crazy, the others writing a story about China.  If you get a chance, and I certainly hope that you do, head to the Peabody Essex Museum.  You’ll be happy you did.

Oh, and me.  I saw clearly details that need to go into my tea ceremony for my work in progress- The Treacherous Trek.  Love that.

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