Sleep, I Think I Broke It!

I’ve had a little problem lately.  You see I’m pretty sure that writing too much has broken my brain.  I’m not kidding! For the last week I’ve been writing almost every free second that I have.  I fall into bed exhausted and go to sleep immediately.  But, something odd happens in sleep.   My brain is throwing on a projector switch and sending me to crazy dream land. The weird thing is I wake remembering so many odd details of the dream.   I’m getting freaked out.

I spent an entire night living in a trailer park in Florida.  I recall the pink flamingos against the bright green of the lawn chairs that overlooked the dirty inlet that was my backyard.  I recall how my bathroom was full of ground meat (Okay, I told you my brain was broke!).   I woke up angry that my husband seemed to be dating every girl in the park, leaving me home with the screaming baby, and the meat…

Last night I was taking a late night train with my children through the coal mines of West Virginia.  The weird thing is that we had to ride on top of the train.  This was problematic because we kept going through tunnels that we really didn’t fit.  Lucky for us, there were underground diners, that had multitudes of pie–chocolate cream pie,  peanut butter pie, blueberry pie, shoofly pie.  Don’t get me started on the cakes.   It was all delicious.  I also drank a lot of coffee, which made me always need to pee in the mines.  This was a problem.

So, Dr. Oz, what do you think about that?  I’m exhausted!

About julietruekingsley

Crazed writer living on the coast of Maine! Attempting to blog daily in fifteen minutes or less.
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5 Responses to Sleep, I Think I Broke It!

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  2. Lenore Diane says:

    I think you should stop working on what you are working on and start writing about your dreams! (smile) Here’s to a sound sleep tonight.

  3. Would you prefer the one with the meat or the soot?

  4. Kate Lynch says:

    Julie-I’m laughing so hard at this I think I just peed my pants!!;0 This IS so you!!
    AND I think you could be onto something with this dream stuff-like a book??

  5. I have a ton of dream stuff in my current books, though none as warped as my real dreams. I’m not kidding when I say I’m tired! It’s really too much.

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