Cow Shit Corner Award #7

It’s not often that my kids weasel me into purchasing an on-line gaming subscription, but this past September I found myself smitten with a particular site that I’ll keep to myself.  I will, however, share the concept behind this fine idea–simply purchase an animal that is in danger of extinction and try to keep it alive in its habitat.  Oh, how the educator in me loved that.

I thought:

Yes children, go forth and feed your wild animal but beware of predators in the vast wilderness of computer land.


Hang out in science!

This will do wonders for your SAT scores!

This worked very well for about two weeks, then you know how it goes, they ditched it.  I tried to cancel, scratch that, I thought I did cancel on numerous occasions but I was wrong.  Three months of renewals kept popping up in my email until I finally got the message I was hoping for.

“This is to inform you that your animal is dead!”

“Ding dong, my animals dead, my animals dead, my animals dead.  Ding dong I think its extinct, I think it extinct…”

Thank goodness,  I was free of that species and its drain on my pocket book.  So you can imagine my surprise when a month later I received word that my animal had come back to life (magically) and is now hungry.

Okay, this doesn’t happen in the wild.  Dead is dead!  Actually, I had to pull the nastiest email to stop this predator from charging me.  It ended like this:

“Dead is dead buster.  Cancel my account before I have to jump into your virtual world and kick some gorilla ass!”

That may just be an exaggeration since I can’t jump into virtual worlds.  But, fine web site, you are my winner of the Cow Shit Award #7 for not only charging me after cancellation but for bringing my animal back to life… really that’s not nature works.

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3 Responses to Cow Shit Corner Award #7

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  2. I just read Joe’s zombie book, and I beg to differ. Animals can come back to life. You might owe Joe an apology.

  3. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Joe!

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