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December Beach Conversation

Yes, I had to bribe her.  I had to bribe my daughter to head to the beach for a late afternoon beach walk.  It went kind of like this: “Check out that moon, let’s take the dogs to the beach. … Continue reading

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I’ll Just Take This One!

I was reading this morning about Texas.  It seems that if you leave your house unattended, somebody else can move in, get rid of all your stuff,  and simply stake a claim on your land.  Yeehaw! That makes a lot … Continue reading

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The Best Gift Ever

(This is a republished story from last season! I couldn’t resist running it again!) Tired of shopping yet? I sort of am.  It’s the last minute stuff that seems to get yah. You know what I mean, you’re flying all … Continue reading

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Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School

Stonewall Kitchen, is famous for its amazing gift boxes full of fancy jams, syrups, and mixes but it also has a pretty fantastic cooking school.  It’s a great concept, you essentially just come for lunch. Who doesn’t have time for lunch! … Continue reading

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Black Flagged

Last Saturday night, I had the privilege of attending a book launch party for my fellow writing critique group member, Steve Konkoly, for the release of his second thriller,  Black Flagged. Steve is one of the few individuals that I … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

Ahhh, December Sunday mornings! What’s better than that? Sunshine is streaming through the windows and the pellet stove is on.  Coffee waits in a French Press and the paper sits on the front porch, waiting to be snatched up by … Continue reading

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A Coffee Fall

  I bet after my last post that you were expecting me to actually blog this week.  Yes, that was my intention.  You see something about blogging makes you feel like you’ve actually accomplished something of substance for the day. … Continue reading

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