Duff’s Gingerbread

I went to Michaels in search of a piping bag, determined that this was the year that I master the art of gingerbread house making.  Do you know those simple bags cost twelve dollars and no doubt clogs up an entire kitchen drawer? Moral dilemma…

Then I saw Duff from Charm City Cakes staring out at me from the racks.  Check out that devilish grin!  I shoved the piping bag back on the shelf and grabbed Duff’s Gingerbread House Kit, rather thrilled by my find (It included the candy!).

This is what Duff’s house looked like on the box.  Isn’t it charming? So cute and inviting, it makes you want to just walk on up the gumdrop path and pop inside for some hot chocolate.

We couldn’t wait to get started!

Candy’s out.  So far so good!

Roofs on!

Roofs caving in.  One child is screaming, “Epic fail!” The other is crying out of control.  It’s a blood bath.  It’s a gingerbread house disaster!  I think I need a shot of peppermint schnapps! No, I need to go to bed. It’ll look better in the morning.  Right?


Duff! Help! Do you think that I really needed that piping bag?

Next year, I’m all over it.

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12 Responses to Duff’s Gingerbread

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  2. DJ Kirkby says:

    *falls about laughing* Thanks for the warning. I think I’ll wait until I can buy a ready made one :)

  3. You know, I think it just might have been me!

  4. delzey says:

    made a piping bag by cutting the corner off a ziploc bag and duct taped a squeeze bottle top as a nozzle over the hole. not pretty, but it did the job. didn’t cost me anything but the time to scrounge things around the house.

  5. Lisa Sinicki says:

    I’ve never been able to get any of my gingerbread house attempts to live up to even 10% of my vision.

    After you assembled the house, did you let it dry overnight before you started decorating? I hear that helps make the house sturdy enough to withstand the decorating process.

  6. Peter Wildes says:

    We farmed that out to the Aunties house this year….

  7. Mary Jane Rowan says:

    This is why Carroll finally built a wooden house which we frosted and decorated with many many candies from Yummy’s, out the end of the road. It is truly “no fail.”

  8. A wooden house? Now that’s an idea. Does it make the candy taste like wood? Or is it just as delicious as usual?

  9. I love Duff!
    Yeah, that gingerbread house would be mine, too. My manual dexterity usually doesn’t contribute very much to helping me match the vision in my head. Especially when it comes to baking or decorating.
    P.S. I would have eaten all of the candy before I made it to the decorating stage.

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