A Coffee Fall


I bet after my last post that you were expecting me to actually blog this week.  Yes, that was my intention.  You see something about blogging makes you feel like you’ve actually accomplished something of substance for the day.  I know, I don’t I spend a lot of time crafting or writing anything that will change the world, end hunger, or possibly even inspire more than putting more thought into a good meal. Yet, it’s something that inspires me to look into my daily life with a new lens and capture things that I like about it (One of my students questions whether that’s not living in the moment, but I disagree for me it’s about saving the moment, in a very public way.)

So this week….

I sat down to blog on Wednesday morning before drinking coffee, yet I was struggling.  My mind simply wasn’t working.  My husband brought me the nicest cup of perfectly fresh pressed coffee and this is where the details grow fuzzy.  Did I trip over a dog?  Did I simply fling the coffee into the air like the coffee psycho from hell?  You see, I not only had coffee on my curtains, walls, floor, Lulu, and myself.  I had a at least half of the coffee poured directly onto my Macbook.  You know, this is never good.

Lifting my computer into the air I tried pouring the coffee out.  It sprung out of the keyboard, oozed out the sides, and pooled under the screen before drying out, then turning back on, then turning green.  This indeed was the green screen of death. (You might recall that this is my third hard drive in two months…)

So, Merry Christmas to me.  I’m typing on a new laptop.  It’s beautiful and slick.  Thanks Santa for not freaking out.  I’m working on my Zen, I really am.  Do you feel it radiating out my blog?

Enjoy your day.

PS- I’m also applying to Oprah’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway daily.  I’m feeling my luck turning.  Megabucks? Why not!


About julietruekingsley

Crazed writer living on the coast of Maine! Attempting to blog daily in fifteen minutes or less.
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One Response to A Coffee Fall

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Beautiful picture. I don’t know if you read Public Works’ blog, but she has also lost three hard-drives in the same time span. Sounds a little too coincidental. Is this a marketing ploy to get more folks to buy laptops for Christmas? Hmmm….

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