Alley’s General Store-Dealers in Almost Everything

If you find yourself meandering through Martha’s Vineyard be sure to stop at Alley’s General Store in West Tisbury.   This store is pure New England in its randomness and fun.  History is that it started out as a man heading across the island in his peddler’s cart, he’d move from town to town with his cart full of cool stuff.  I love that all these years later Alley’s is still going strong.

What’s interesting about this place is that it’s truly full of anything you can think of: fresh coffee, magazines, scrubbies for your sink, nylons, greeting cards, art supplies, fish lures, ice cream, perm kits…. I’m assuming by now you get my point.

Hat anyone?

Bazooka.  Gosh, I love Bazooka gum.
Creepy faces.

Yes, you can even buy flip flops at Alley’s General store!  Or canning supplies!

Apron anyone?

For five cents you can weigh yourself and then go buy more candy.

 Or a comic book.

You can even get your mail at Alley’s and maybe pick up a cool magnet while you are at it.

Yes, you can buy anything at Alley’s General Store.

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