Packing…Help Needed

It was an amazing Memorial Day Weekend here in Maine.  The weather turned beautiful giving us all a glimpse of the summer to come.  My family was all over the place- one kid was “upta” camp, while the other on an epic New Hampshire journey of fun. I have so many inspirations for blog posts that it’s really difficult to chose… should I write about my next installment of Rooster Ear? Or, about the Iron Chef Party? Or about the book that I should read that totally creeped me out in ten different ways?

Okay, you know that I indeed will write about those things soon- next week.  Because right now I’m getting ready for a trip!  Okay, let me take a step back here.  You might recall this trip to the Monhegan Sun for my birthday-where my college roommates and I drank champagne for breakfast and then went gambling and actually won!  Well,  I didn’t win, but G. did.  Turns out she’s a total gambling bad ass with nerves of steal.  Then, she contacted a travel agent and the next thing I know we are all booked for Mexico!!!

So, what am I doing today? I’m packing.  Guess what I worry about packing? Yes, books.  When I travel I obsess about reading material.  How many pages for five days? That is a rough question when you are just packing a carry on.  I’m guessing about 2,000 pages.  Don’t you think? 3,000? 4,000?

So far, I’ve been a tad ADD with my shopping habits.  Found this skirt for $8.99 at Mardens-

Doesn’t that look like Mexico? Well, it’s not coming.  It takes up too much space in my bag.  It’s like a freaking poodle skirt or something.  It’s heading directly to my teaching clothes pile.

I’m preferring dresses like this from Patagonia-

Now this is perfect! This entire outfit could be fit into a snack size ziplock bag with plenty of room left over for more books!

Now, what should I read.  Please, you tell me…


Nothing literary, thought provoking, or highbrow.

Wouldn’t want it to be hard to comprehend through my haze of enchiladas and Tecates!  You feedback would be appreciated.


PS- I’ll be back next week! Enjoy your first week of June.

About julietruekingsley

Crazed writer living on the coast of Maine! Attempting to blog daily in fifteen minutes or less.
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One Response to Packing…Help Needed

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Mark Hadon. I’m telling you, it is good! You may cry, but it is good!

    Love, love, love the skirt. Laughed out loud with the whole, “You like it? Yeah, well it ain’t coming.” Funny. The dress is very cute, too. Perfect choice.

    Enjoy your trip!
    ~ Lenore

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