Nasty Under the Snow

****Addition to this post @10:45 EST.

Just found this incoming link from Joanne Lee-


That is so nice!  Now, I wish I had time to change today’s post.  It’s really not that appropriate.  I encourage all of you new readers to check out my other posts.  They are mellow and more tasteful, I hope.  Sorry about this one.  It’s because I write young adult books.  I have the brain of a teenager.  Geeze, so true.


When the neighborhood is covered with a fresh coat of snow, you never really wonder what’s underneath all of the beauty until spring arrives and the harsh realities of mud season hits.  I’ll admit mud season is not my favorite.  It’s wet.  It’s messy.  But this season has been particularly gross.  It’s not the double dog doo in my poop garden (a nasty problem I’m working on), it’s something more sinister than that.

You see at Willard Beach there seems to be some funny business going on in the snow banks.  You know what I mean about funny business right? Hanky panky. Romancing the snow. Loving the slush.  Yes, we are littered with used condoms.  I’ve counted seven.  They are floating in the mud.  Hanging on the street corner.  Nestled in the sand. Seriously, what is going on down there?  It’s not that nice out.  It’s cold at the beach. Freak shows!

I know…..I know that I need to pick them up before one of dogs eats one- continuing my dog saga of troubles.  Can’t you imagine Lulu grabbing one of those puppies? Gross.  Just gross.

What would you do? Pick up or keep counting?  Not sure.

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4 Responses to Nasty Under the Snow

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    I keep coming back to this post. Yuck! Not sure what I’d do. I’d hate to leave ’em, but ew – picking them up doesn’t sound good, either. I have a friend in Amesbury, MA. She takes her kids and dogs to Plum Island (when dogs are allowed). I wonder if she has similar tales to tell. Oh, and nice job on the press release – at least your client seemed pleased. :)

  2. I think I’m going to be a big girl and just go pick them up. Love Plum Island, great spot to kayak.

  3. kathy jones says:

    Please, please, please wear gloves Julie!! Thank you for the info though, sometimes I take a walk with my “tween” daughter and have already conquered the SEX topic but would hate to try and cover why it’s being done outside in the winter because I don’t really know why! Aren’t mom’s supposed to know everything??? LOL

  4. Kathy… do I even own gloves? I was thinking of using the poop scoop method. I do think that it might be quiet a conversation with a tween, but your’re right, I wouldn’t want to go there!

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