The World’s Longest…

Chutters in Littleton, New Hampshire has 112 feet of candy! You heard me, that’s over one hundred feet of candy! Wow! There is something really exciting about that.  They have everything that you could imagine- gummy worms, red hots, nougats, peppermints, root beer barrels, butterscotch, lemon drops, chocolate drops. Holy Willy Wonka!  I’m talking candy.

Now, let tell me you, I’ve learned some lessons in my life about “World’s Longest.”  My friend Karen and I went to the World’s Longest Bar in Put In Bay, Ohio.  It’s called the Beer Barrel .  Hummm,  it’s kind of blurry but I do recall that those people in Ohio are crazy! People were dancing in the streets by late afternoon.  Yes! Dancing during daylight, outside, in the road.  I think,  I was dancing too.  I think Karen might have been dancing too. So wrong, yet, kind of right.

In hindsight,  just because you go to “The World’s Longest…” doesn’t mean that you need to go hog wild, it just means that you should indulge some, because without an occasional indulgence what would the holiday season be?

So, eat your jelly beans from Chutters, just brush your teeth.  Go to the Beer Barrel, but make sure that you make it off the island.  Know your limits people, but feel free to push the envelope.  Really, you only live once!

What looks good to you?

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9 Responses to The World’s Longest…

  1. Lushfun says:

    CANDY!!!!! hopefully it was as good as it looked

  2. You can’t really go wrong at the World’s Longest Candy Counter!

  3. Pat says:

    Yum! all looks good. Boston Baked Beans??? One of my favorites!

  4. Love those too! I can’t buy them, because I can’t seem to stop eating them when they are in the house.

  5. Maine Mom says:

    Sweets set three rows deep
    World’s longest candy counter
    Children’s eyes bulg out.

  6. Makes you want to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, doesn’t it.

    • Maine Mom says:

      OK – I just followd your link, and i think David and the kids are going to have a suprise trip this weekend (I ocassionally kidnap everyone on a Sunday and make them have fun.)

      Is there other stuff to do in / near Littleton? 2 and a half hours seems a long way just for a candy shop, but I am willing to do it. Maybe an overnight? I will get Willie Wonka on DVD for the ride up (old school, not Johnny Depp). That will confuse everyone.

  7. I’ll write a whole thing on Littleton tomorrow. I was planning on it anyways. There is so much to do. I’ll write it just for you….

    Teaser- I especially loved having drinks at the Mt. Washington Hotel and then bringing the kids to the stables at dusk. Super cool stables, like out of a book.

    • Maine Mom says:

      I will look forward to it. I know what the family is doing this weekend (let’s hope they don’t read the blog and ruin the suprise).

      I am not really a stable girl (I could live without that smell), but if you put it on the list we’ll be there. Maybe 2 drinks (or three, or…) at the Mt. Washington Hotel before heading to the stables would numb my sense of smell.

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