Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

When I taught seventh grade writing in New Hampshire, I had a pesky little problem.  You see, my arm used to roll out out it’s socket and I’d have to ram it back in to continue teaching.  I agree, that must have been totally interesting for the students to see their teacher’s arm going flying backwards at the board and get stuck.  Humm, it’s the stuff dreams are made of!

Anyhow, I got surgery that superglued my arm back in place, ending all of the classroom fun and I ended up being stuck in the house for a solid week before Thanksgiving.  What luck! I watched every single food show imaginable and I learned some valuable tidbits.

First, yes, try to deep fry a turkey at least once a year, but you might not want to it be on actual Thanksgiving.  The color of the fried turkey makes it look almost plastic which will bring you back to the The Christmas Story scene when it implodes.  Second, rice you potatoes especially if you are heading somewhere fancy.

Here’s my potato recipe:

Mashed Potatoes

On Thanksgiving morning invite over a friend or family member

Pour two White Russians, lots of ice, real cream

Drink a full drink before starting to peel potatoes.  It’s a boring job

Peel the potatoes- I use Yukon!

Boil said potatoes in salted water, cover, cook until tender while you finish drink

Drain, but then put back on the stove, turn on stove until all water evaporates

Rice potatoes using ricer, a very fun contraption that shoves potatoes through holes

Add an ungodly amount of organic butter

Add real cream

Salt & Pepper

Smooth into a fancy bowl

Reheat for dinner.


PS- Stop drinking those drinks!

In all honesty this might be a better recipe!

Yes, I love cooking shows.  On that note, did I tell you guys? I met a Top Chef!  Check it out:

I initially spied him at Whole Foods taking pictures of food, then saw him later that night at the Harvest on the Harbor.  What a thrill to see a true Top Chef!  I’ve never missed an episode, that’s how much I love Top Chef!  I do look a tad wild in this picture.  It was as if I was over-smiling or something.  But, who wouldn’t?

Are you spending some time this week thinking of food? I’d love to know your favorite recipe.  Cheers.

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

  1. Joe Souza says:

    Here’s my recipe for smashed potatoes.

    12 pack of Czechvar Beer.
    Boiling potatoes
    Sour Cream
    Sea Salt
    Peel, drink, peel, boil until soft. Add stick of butter, then drink. Add Sour Cream, garlic and milk, drinking liberally between ingredients. Get your best smashing utensil and smash. By the time they are smashed so are you. Gather the family, season liberally, and try not to pass out before the turkey arrives.

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