The Tackle

That’s right, we are tackling,  tackling the cold/flu from hell in this little beach bungalow.  It’s day ten.  That’s right, day ten.  At this point, I’m finding that maybe my creativity isn’t moving.   I think it may be stuck somewhere in the recesses of my soul, or under my virtual desk like an old piece of gum, or locked up in a secret room in my brain. But, anyhoo… I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with my act together. Stay well world!  Really, go wash your hands right now.  Do it.

About julietruekingsley

Crazed writer living on the coast of Maine! Attempting to blog daily in fifteen minutes or less.
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8 Responses to The Tackle

  1. Maine Mom says:

    Trapped inside the house
    The blogger goes stir crazy
    Watch out dogs and kids

  2. Gretchen says:

    But be sure to use the sink in your own house, not the ones at SPHS, where there is no not water!!!

  3. We’re all so cheeky lately. I can barely stand it.

  4. Hold on, did that not sound serious. I love it. Gretchen- why do high school kids need water any way. Geeze, asking alot!

  5. Maine Mom says:

    Freshman washing hands
    Turns the spigot. No result.
    Is that “not water”?

  6. Gretchen says:

    Sorry, typo!!! I meant to say hot water! :-)

    Sophomore washing hands
    turns the spigot. Icy cold.
    No hot water: germs

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