Sick Day

It’s our first sick day of the school season. Yes a hacking cough, fever, and general misery has arrived.   These days make me thankful that I have the flexibility of staying home.  After a sleepless night, I got up and made everyone fruit smoothies.  I’m hoping that all of the fruit goodness zaps the rest of the families’ immune systems.  I might just fling some salt over my shoulder for good measure and give the house a good scrub while I’m at it.

Recipe:  Organic frozen strawberries, plain Stonyfield yogurt,  protein powder (vanilla), honey, and a slug of Odwalla Super Food.  Add water and  blend until smooth.  Serve with a straw.  If there is leftovers make your own homemade popsicles.  So tasty.

This makes me think of my favorite sick excuse from my teaching days, “Albert won’t be coming to school today.  He was attacked by a killer chicken.”


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Crazed writer living on the coast of Maine! Attempting to blog daily in fifteen minutes or less.
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2 Responses to Sick Day

  1. Maine Mom says:

    A killer chicken!?!

    That reminds me of th ekiller rabbit in Monty Python (just watched with David and the kids). Yet another reason that South Portland never should have allowed those fowl creatures in the city limits. Bad enough I hear the my neighbor’s damn bird every morning, now I have to worry about chicken attacks?

    (Just for sport, my family has named the chiken “soup”. Neighbors generally unimpressed, but the feeling is mutual.)

  2. That very same child brought an empty jug of vodka on our class hiking trip. It was full of water… I think.

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