The Tarot Cards

My novel is totally based on my three college roommates.  Naturally, they are not cursed, they are not cemetery stalkers, and nobody is dating a hunky Wampanoag…  that part of the story is pure fiction.  Yet at it’s core, my novel is about the power of friendship to overcome adversity.  So, what does any good writer do? Use her friends as complete guinea pigs for her work.  Duh!  How could I resist that?

When we decided to head to Salem, Massachusetts, I brought the tarot cards that I bought in the name of research.  I emailed everyone about this grand idea and nobody responded.  I got zip, nadda, nothing from these chicks. I could already tell they were not impressed, or maybe just a tad scared.  Can’t say that I blame them.

We checked into a funky B & B with wild Victorian furnishings.  There was this kind of disturbing Vincent Price-style music tinkling through the air.  It took two seconds for one roommate to start asking if I’ve set them up for a ghost hunt.  An odd chandelier hung from the ceiling, sending faded light into the darkened room, and gothic wallpaper gave the room a very distinctive Creature Double Feature feel.  Perfect for my plan!

After a few drinks (not sure if that’s that proper way to use these puppies, but what’s a girl to do?), we broke out the tarot cards.  Complete disclosure on the picture below… those are not my cards.  It turns out that I bought the Mother Peace set which has very fun cartoon nudies on them (Really, who knew at the store?).  I thought it best not to post those on my site, but they are pretty cool and a point of conversation if you are looking into buying your own cards!

Each roommate had to ask a question in her head without telling us.  She shuffled the deck and I read the cards.  It was weird.  I struggled with reading cards for these women I know so well.  The cards didn’t seem to fit them in places… but oddly, the cards told us things we didn’t know about each other…. things maybe we didn’t want to talk about.. secrets that we were holding….

As my three college roommates and I each head homes to our perspective lives, I can’t help ponder the weekend.  How much belief I have in the cards I’m not sure, but I do know that I’m inspired. I’m ready to forge ahead with my four fictional friends, figuring out their stories, working through their problems, and figuring out how they will use the tarot cards for their story.

J, G, and D… I hope that your tarot reading will come true!

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Crazed writer living on the coast of Maine! Attempting to blog daily in fifteen minutes or less.
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